Sea Glass Lights by Leslie Connell

The Maine Coast, where the powerful and vast sea touches the land. The waves rhythmically thunder and crash to the shore, only to retreat back to the sea. It’s Nature’s purest expression of comfort, calm, awe and wonder.

If only it could be bottled…

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My SEA GLASS LIGHTS capture this experience in found objects of exquisite beauty. Each is a unique curiosity an electrified art piece that captures the ocean’s spectacular beauty and strength in a vintage jar.

My SEA GLASS LIGHTS are individual expressions of the beauty of the Maine coastline and are comprised of sea tumbled glass, shells and found treasures. I prefer to use a majority of sea tumbled glass because of its refractive qualities. Nothing tumbles glass as well as the sea.

Olive, blue, purple and red are very scarce and must be supplemented with recycled glass I tumble myself.

I also recycle old pottery and bring new life to what may have been thrown out, as well as local shells and rocks that capture a bit of Maine coastline. This full spectrum of colors, shapes and collectibles adds far more brilliance, texture and beauty to my lights.

Then, the composition is sealed in an antique jar and illuminated. Each light a unique work of art.

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